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Leisure Travelers Clubs

Learn more about how to use the Leisure Travelers Clubs page

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One of the many benefits of owning a LTV is the ability to join a Leisure Travelers Club in your area. Each regional club has a club leader that coordinates events and activities for their group. Travelers Clubs are a great way to meet other LTV owners and learn more about your LTV! If you are not a part of a club and are interested in learning more, please click here.

MyLTV allows you to keep up with all all that is going on in your Travelers Club. On the Travelers Club page, you will find the following items:

  • Club profile (A short profile of what your club is all about.)

  • Club Leader Contact Information

  • Recent blog posts submitted by members of your club

  • Upcoming events within your club

  • Owners Directory – View basic contact information of other members in your club. (Note: Having your information shown in your club's owners directory is optional and can be set from the settings page.) There are two ways to view the directory:

  • List View – A simple list view of all members who have opted to share their information.

  • Map View – View where members of your club live on an interactive map. (Note: The locations shown are not precise. They are the geographic center of the zip or postal code the user entered when creating their account.)

  • Current Location – If you would like to let your fellow club members know where you are while you are traveling, you can update your current location by clicking on the “Current Location” button while viewing the map. (Note: You will need to have your privacy settings set to “share my information” in order for this feature to work.) If you would like to remove your “current location”, simply click on the red “Remove Current Location” button. 

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