Defrosting your Dometic refrigerator

Steps to take to defrost your fridge

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As time goes by, frost can and will build up on the cooling fins. When this layer of frost is roughly 0.118 inches (3 mm) thick or greater, it's time to defrost your fridge.

  • Start by switching off the refrigerator by holding the power button for 3 seconds.

  • Remove all food and ice cube trays.

  • Leave the refrigerator door open to allow air to enter and to prevent the formation of mildew.

  • After defrosting (once the freezer compartment and cooling fins are frost free), wipe both cooling compartments dry with a cloth.

Note: Water thawing in the main compartment of the refrigerator runs in to an appropriate container at the back of the refrigerator, and from there, the water evaporates. To lessen the amount of excess water,  place a cloth in the freezer compartment and one in the cooling compartment to collect excess water.

Caution: The layer of ice must never be removed forcibly, nor may defrosting be accelerated using a heat source! 

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