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Interior Care and Cleaning
Interior Care and Cleaning

A quick rundown of how to maintain your motorhome's interior

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Dirt and dust accumulation can not only detract from the motorhome’s appearance, but can also shorten the life of carpets and fabrics. Clean and vacuum weekly to keep your motorhome in pristine condition.


Refer to the carpet manufacturer’s recommendations for carpet cleaning and care and for information about stain removal.


Use care when cleaning the motorhome’s upholstery and choose an appropriate cleaner or spot remover to avoid damaging the materials. Regular vacuuming and wiping with clear water will remove most stains. Any major cleaning problems should be referred to a professional cleaning service.

NOTICE: Direct sunlight will fade upholstery and fabrics. To minimize fading, close drapes, blinds and shades whenever possible.

Spots and Stains

Most spots and stains can be removed using clear warm water. To prevent a stain from spreading, start from the outside of the stain and clean toward the center.

Stains such as lipstick, grease, ink or mustard are very hard to remove and might require the help of a professional cleaning service.

Vinyl Fabrics

Clean vinyl surfaces using a soft, damp cloth and mild detergent. Never use solvents of any kind on vinyl surfaces.

NOTE: The vinyl manufacturer recommends the following: “To clean most common household stains use warm soapy water and a clear water rinse. For more stubborn stains, Fantastik™ or Mr. Clean™ diluted 3:1 with water are recommended.”

Draperies, Curtains and Bedspreads

Draperies, curtains and bedspreads are made from a variety of fabrics and materials. Many of these materials could shrink up to 5 percent during the cleaning process. Always use a professional cleaning service for you motorhome’s textiles.

NOTICE: Using water-based or detergent-based solvent cleaners on fabrics may cause excessive shrinkage and permanent stains.

Remis Cab Privacy Blinds (Optional)

Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners on privacy blinds. Clean the frame of the front and side structure with a damp cloth and mild soap solution. Clean pleated material with a soft brush or a damp cloth.


Clean walls using warm water and mild soap. For extensive accumulations of dirt and grime, add a small quantity of rubbing alcohol to the water. Do NOT use solvents or abrasives.

Cabinetry, Tables and Countertops

The wood’s beauty comes from the natural variations in grain and density. Some minor variations in color and shading are normal.


The sinks can be cleaned with warm water and soap. Wipe dry to avoid streaks. For stubborn stains, a mild abrasive may be necessary. Always work in the direction of the polish lines.

NOTICE: Some units contain acrylic (Plexiglas®) components. Refer to the acrylic manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Do NOT clean using Windex® style glass cleaners.


Clean the refrigerator interior regularly. Remove the shelves and wash inside the refrigerator using warm water and mild soap. Dry thoroughly, especially around door frame and door gasket. Use only warm water to clean the cooling evaporator, ice trays and shelves. Never use strong chemicals or abrasive cleaning materials on any part of the refrigerator cabinet. Refer to the refrigerator manual in the Motorhome Information Kit for additional information.

Stove Top - General

Clean the stove top as soon as it cools using warm water and a mild detergent solution. Clean the stove top regularly to help keep the appliance looking and operating like new.

Stove Top - Burners

Clean the stove top burners (caps and grates) after they have cooled using warm water and a mild detergent solution. Clean plugged burner ports with a toothpick. Do NOT clean burner ports using metal objects of any kind because it could enlarge the port.
If washing a cap or grate in the sink, dry it immediately by shaking off all excess water, reinstalling it onto the stove top and lighting the burner until all water evaporates.

Microwave/Convection Oven

Keep the door and inside of your microwave/convection oven clean. Do not allow grease, spatter or solid matter to build up. An accumulation of solid matter can absorb microwave energy and increase cooking time. Clean the microwave/convection oven as follows:

  • Wipe walls with a damp cloth and mild detergent to remove spatters and spills. Do not use harsh detergents or abrasives.

  • Clean the outside surface of the oven with soap and water. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Do NOT allow water to enter the oven’s ventilation openings to avoid damaging the oven’s internal components.

  • If the control panel becomes wet, clean it with a soft dry cloth. Do not use harsh detergents or abrasives on the control panel. When cleaning the control panel, leave the oven door open to prevent the oven from accidentally turning on. After cleaning, touch the cancel pad to clear the display window. Remove the glass tray for cleaning. Wash the tray in warm soapy water or in a dishwasher.

Refer to the microwave/convection oven manual in the Motorhome Information Kit for further details.

Bathroom - General

Use warm water and mild soap to clean the walls and surfaces in your bathroom. Clean mirrors using a good-quality glass cleaner. Do NOT use harsh cleansers, detergents or abrasives.


Refer to the toilet manual in the Motorhome Information Kit for cleaning and care instructions.

Doors and Windows

Periodically lubricate the door locks and hinges with powdered graphite for smooth operation and protection from freezing. Clean windows using a good-quality glass cleaner. If cleaning ice from windows, use a plastic scraper and avoid damaging the seals and sealant along the edge of the windows.

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