Cleaning your Dometic gas burner

Step by step instructions on cleaning your gas burner

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To keep your refrigerator running smoothly, you should clean the gas burner after prolonged exposure to gas, at least once a year. When using a tank or refillable cylinders, the service interval is reduced to twice or four times a year, depending on the level of contamination. Contamination in the gas burner becomes noticeable with poor ignition process or deflagrations.

Before servicing the Dometic fridge burner:

  • Close the gas valve to the refrigerator before cleaning the gas burner.

  • Allow the burner to cool down before cleaning it.

  • Do not modify the gas equipment. The gas burner can be cleaned without removing the gas equipment.

Step 1 - Remove the ventilation grill from the outside of the unit

Step 2 - Remove the condensation container and the screw holding the burner cover in place. Remove the burner cover by pressing the catch below inwards, and pulling it off gently.

Step 3 - Clean the burner pipe of coarse impurities using a suitable cleaning brush with soft bristles 

Step 4 - Blow out the burner pipe with compressed air through the slots in the burner pipe

Step 5 - 

  • Re-attach the burner cover. The burner cover is fixed in place when it audibly clicks into place.

  • Screw the burner cover back in place

  • Re-insert the condensation container

  • Re-attach the ventilation grill

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