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Learn how to get started with LTV's rewards program

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Leisure Travel Vans owners are often asked by others for more information about their unique RV. The Ambassador Rewards Program (ARP) is set up to reward owners for being great ambassadors of the company. For each referral, both you and the purchaser will each receive a 150 rewards points ($150 value) redeemable through the LTV online store. To learn more about the ARP, please click here.

Here is how to get started with the ARP program from within MyLTV. On the Rewards page, you will find the following tabs:

  • Overview – On the overview page you will find details about the program, as well as view your total rewards points.

  • Brochures – Download a PDF or request to have printed brochures mailed to you, to hand out to interested people along your travels.

  • Referral Cards – New on MyLTV, you can now generate pre-filled referral cards. Select the contact information you would like to show on your referral cards, download, and print as many as you like to hand out on your travels.

  • Claim your Rebate – Recently purchased a Leisure Travel Van? If an existing LTV customer referred you to the brand, here is how you can reward them, along with rewarding yourself! Fill in the required fields along with a short description on how the referral took place. You will each be rewarded with 150 rewards points ($150 value) redeemable through the LTV online store.

  • Redeem – Here’s how to redeem your points. Each point is equivalent to $1 USD to spend on our online store. Enter the amount of points you would like to redeem (in multiples of 10. ) and hit submit. You will then receive a coupon code by email, which can be used on our store to purchase LTV apparel, accessories and more! (Note: It may take up to two business days to receive coupon code.)

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