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General safety advice for your motorhome

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  • The most important safety feature on your motorhome is a safe and knowledgeable operator. It is the operator’s responsibility to read, understand and follow all the safety and operating instructions in the operator’s, chassis, appliance, and system manuals. Most accidents that involve motorhomes are preventable.

  • An operator who has not read and understood all operating and safety instructions is not qualified to operate the motorhome.

  • Untrained or uninformed operators and occupants expose themselves, passengers and other drivers to possible injury or death, and they subject the motorhome, other vehicles and property to potential damage.

  • Do not modify the motorhome in any way. Unauthorized modifications may impair the function and/or safety of the motorhome.

  • All driver and passenger seats are equipped with seatbelts. Occupied seats must be locked in the forward facing direction when the motorhome is moving, and passengers may occupy only approved seats with the seatbelt securely fastened. Do not allow any passengers to travel in the motorhome unless they are in an approved seat with the seatbelt secured. Motorhome seats with seatbelts installed by the manufacturer are the only seats approved and safe for travel.

  • Always fasten the seatbelt low on the torso and keep it snug to transmit the force from the belt into the hip/pelvic region of the body. Pregnant women should wear a lap/shoulder belt whenever possible. Wear the belt snug and low throughout the pregnancy.

  • Establish a monthly fire extinguisher inspection program to ensure the extinguisher is fully charged and in proper working condition. Inspect the extinguisher prior to each time you operate or occupy the motorhome.

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