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What to do if you need service

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Your dealer will assist you with any additional information you need and will answer any questions you have about the operation of your motorhome. When it’s time to service the vehicle, remember that your dealer knows your motorhome best and is dedicated to your satisfaction. Your dealer will provide quality maintenance and assistance during your period ownership. Triple E RV strongly recommends that you follow a regular maintenance schedule to keep your motorhome functioning at its best.

Call the following numbers if you require warranty assistance while travelling:

Triple E RV: 1-877-992-9906

Canada Sprinter Customer Service:

US Sprinter Customer Service:

Emergency Roadside Service* Call:
4287 Beltline Road, Box 198
Addison, Texas 75001

*This Emergency Roadside Service is available to owner of the motorhome during the first two years after purchase.

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