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Cancelling Truma Aquago Cleaning Mode
Cancelling Truma Aquago Cleaning Mode

What do do when you've accidentally started the cleaning cycle

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Everyone's done it...

Without even realizing it, you've turned your Truma dial to the cleaning mode by accident, and now you can't get hot water. Now what?
Well look no further! There is still a way to skip that cleaning process without the 3 hour wait! And all you need is access to water!

How do you know if you've been put in to cleaning mode?

So how exactly do you know if cleaning mode has been activated? Just watch the blinking LED on the remote dial! If it cycles on and off every second, cleaning mode is activate (see image below).

Ok so Cleaning Mode is on. Now what?

If cleaning mode has been activated, you just have to go through the entire cleaning process right?
It's possible to skip the most lengthy part of the process. The part where the Truma makes you sit and wait for 3 hours while the decalcification tablets do their work. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Start by turning your remote dial off of the clean setting (if it's still set to it), and set to Eco mode.

  • On the exterior of the coach, open the Truma cover, and turn the switch on the Truma to the OFF position (center position)

  • Wait 10 seconds, and turn the switch back to ON

Now if you head back inside the motorhome, you should see the Truma remote dial LED blinking quickly (see image below). 

This means that the cleaning mode is complete, and now the Truma needs to be flushed. The system still thinks theres some decalcification agent in the system, and it needs to be rinsed out before allowing normal operation.

Flushing the system will take about 30 liters of water (8 gallons) run through the Truma before normal operation will be resumed.  To do this, open all the hot water taps, and let it run until the LED stops blinking. At this point, you can close all the taps, and normal operation should resume!

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