Macerator Pump

What is it and how does it work?

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So, what exactly *IS* a macerator pump? To put it simply, imagine sticking your kitchen garburator between your black tank and the dump hose...

What is a macerator pump?

RV macerators are motorized grinders that turn your black tank solids and liquids into a slurry that can drain longer distances through a much smaller sewer hose. And because an electric pump does the hard work instead of gravity, you can even move waste to uphill drain locations.

Why would you need a macerator?

For starter, since the macerator can pump through a hose with a smaller diameter, macerator hoses are often less unsightly than your standard black tank dump hose. Also, depending on where you like to camp, the ability to pump uphill gives you a few more options for dumping your holding tank.

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