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Winegard WiFi Connect - Changing your Password and SSID
Winegard WiFi Connect - Changing your Password and SSID

How to change the SSID and Password of your Winegard WiFi Connect.

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So you know how to connect to your WiFi Connect, and you know how to connect that to an Internet source. Great! But do you really have to select that funny WiFi name and type in that awkward password every time?

Thankfully, the answer to that is NO! You can easily change both of those, and here's how:

Step 1: Make sure you WiFi enabled device is connected to your Winegard WiFi Connect (See "Winegard WiFi Connect - How to connect" for details on how to do that)

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the main page and select "Local Network Settings" under Navigate to Page.

Step 3: Enter the name you would like displayed when searching for your WiFi Connect in the box labeled "Local Network SSID"

Step 4: Enter a new WiFi password in the password box.
​Note: The new password MUST BE A MINIMUM of 8 characters

Step 5: Near the bottom of the page, you can elect to enable a guest account. This will allow others you select to access your WiFi, without giving the access to the administrator options.
​Note: This is disabled by default

Step 6: If you've enabled the guest network, you can change the SSID and password as in step 4. Click Continue to save your changes.

Step 7: After saving your changes, you will have to reconnect all of your devices using the new WiFi name

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