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What class of motorhomes are Leisure Travel Vans considered?
What class of motorhomes are Leisure Travel Vans considered?

What class is an LTV?

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First, a lesson in classes. All motorhomes are divided in to 3 official classes, which are defined as follows:

  • Class A Motorhomes: Considered the most luxurious and expensive RV there is. Class A’s look like buses, only with spacious, open floor plans suitable for the weekend camper or for the full-timer’s. Generally, Class A's come equipped with full kitchens, full bathroom & self-contained water & sanitation systems. Class A's can range anywhere from 30 – 40 ft in length.

  • Class B Motorhomes: A motorized RV constructed on the chassis of a van which is usually called a “Van Conversion”. Class B’s are easy to drive on the highway or around town. Some people use these as their regular vehicle as well as for camping. Living space and amenities are limited in conversion vans.

  • Class C Motorhomes: Built on a truck or large van chassis with a distinctive cab-over bunk area. They can tow a vehicle behind, or support a carrying platform on a hitch receiver, but keep in mind the towing capacity is generally less in a Class C than a Class A. Class C’s provide many of the luxuries & conveniences of a Class A only they are smaller & less expensive. For those with a larger family or those with a slightly tighter budget the Class C motor home may be the RV for you.

Now I'm sure you noticed above, when I said "official" classes, the official was in bold. Why? Because there's an unofficial class: the B+, which is described as follows:

  • Class B+ Motorhomes: Built on a larger chassis compared to the smaller, standard Class B Van Chassis. A Class B+ is a mini version of a Class C Motorhome. They offer aerodynamic body styles, with the area inside above the cab often used for storage and/or an area for a TV. The big advantage of a Class B+ is fuel savings, which is one reason they are becoming so popular. Some of the advantages are: easy to maneuver and handle, can be used as a second family vehicle, easy to set up wherever you travel, just to name a few.

So by these definitions, all of our Leisure Travel Vans are officially Class C motorhomes, but you may also see them commonly referred to as a Class B+.

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