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Kwikee Step Lubrication

How to keep your Kwikee step sliding smooth

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Here is a step-by-step guide (pun intended) on keeping your Kwikee step system operating smoothly.

Clean all mud, salt, and road grime from the step before lubricating.  Lubricate all moving parts (bearings, pivot points, slides, clevis pin, and drive linkage ball) every 30 days with a good quality moisture and heat resistant penetrating grease.  KwikLube™ Spray Grease is specially formulated to lubricate Kwikee Electric Steps and is recommended for lubricating all moving parts.  Refer to the figures below for lubrication locations

  1. Figures 1 and 3:  Square shaft bearing - lubricate around the outside and under head of bearing

  2. Figure 4:  On step models equipped with plastic cover, this cover will have to be removed to lubricate center bearings.  Lubricate bearings under cover every 90 days

  3. Figure 4:  Lubricate around the bushing-in-bushings

  4. Maintain clean, dry electrical connections at the two-way and four-way connectors and any butt connections leading from the four-connector to the vehicle.  A small dab of dielectric grease at the connections and replacing corroded butt connections with heat shrink type crimp style automotive connectors will help maintain a good electrical source for the step


To maintain step finish when step is exposed to a salt environment for extended periods of time, routinely spray with fresh water

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